our process

Our Process

Whether you are looking to purchase property for your business, find a sublease deal on a short-term basis, or need to reposition your lease to save money, CGC Commercial is there for you. Every client has a unique situation and we provide a specific strategy that istailored for your needs.

Typical Timeline

  1. Initial meetings- Formulate a Relocation Team
  2. Tour properties
  3. Request Proposals
  4. Meet with architect to design space (if necessary)
  5. Price improvements
  6. Review and negotiate proposals
  7. Develop and revise space plan (if necessary)
  8. Negotiate lease
  9. Construction
  10. Move in

We do this by:

  • Learning Your Business
    – How you operate
    – What your most efficient use of space is
    – How real estate reflects your space
  • We Master Your Targeted Area
    – Find the most motivated Landlords
    – Find the most responsible property managers
    – Review what available properties work best for your business
    – Find off market deals
  • We Represent You
    – Over see every step of the process, beginning to end
    – Advise on the best negotiating tactics
    – Advise on buy vs lease
    – Advise on short term vs long term leases
    – Find the best space for you
  • Underwrite your Landlord
    – Find out how much vacancy they have
    – What lease deals they offering new Tenants
    – What motivates them
    – What future vacancies they have

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