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Northwest Swiss Matic

High Precision Manufacturer

8400 89th Ave N, Brooklyn Park


Necedah Corporation purchased a business in Crystal MN in early 2010. The business was called Northwest Swiss Matic and were a high precision contract manufacturer. Necedah had a vision to grow their business in Minnesota and felt through this acquisition they would have the opportunity to expand their business. Part of the vision included a new facility to attract new clients.


While they were acquiring the business, the former owner of NW SM had the existing building on the market for sale. At the end of the sale process, the former owner struck a deal to sell the building. This meant NW SM/Necedah had to move out of the building within 3 months. We had to identify 3 buildings that would work, negotiate a lease, have the construction completed, and moved in within a very short time period.


We toured 25 buildings in the area to identify which property best suited their specialized use. They were also specific on the image of the property and were looking to increase their visibility to a major highway. We narrowed the list from 25 to 3. The top option was also the most expensive. We negotiated with the 3 Landlords, leveraging the bad real estate market to get a great deal as well as have the Landlord to commit to having them in the space in the amount of time they needed.


We found the only Landlord that could accommodate their timeline and also met their requirements of being on a highway, with a great image, and provide a space that suits their mfg needs. It ended up being the most economical deal as well.

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